Friday, January 9, 2015

Diabetes Management Through a Holistic Approach is a subsidiary of Alternative Medicine Wiz. Professional Ayurvedic and Siddha doctors contribute to the website. The website also teaches yoga and pranayama for diabetic patients. There is a platform for enrolled members to have a team approach towards handling diabetes.

Individual efforts when shard and combined, go a long way in providing the best possible management for the patients. Several studies also prove that team approach can be complimentary towards conventional diabetes management. also offers diabetic cure based on the age old Ayurvedic and Siddha tradition of India. Only those medicines and supplements that are scientifically validated by the modern medicine are discussed in the website.

Integrating a team of specialists including a siddha doctors, diabetes educator, a nutritionist and a yoga trainer, brings to you a holistic approach to diabetes management. This kind of holistic diabetes management information is tough to find in any other programs or websites.

There is huge misconception about diabetes among general audience as well as diabetic patients; they often assume that diabetes is not life threatening. However more than 50% of the patients developed one of the complications including nerve pain, cardiovascular disease, stroke, limb amputation, blindness and kidney disease. Doctors say that most patients are not aware of these complications, especially the kidney disease.

Losing weight is one of the easiest ways to manage diabetes in a healthy way. However the weight loss should be a healthy weight loss. This is all the more important to those people who have acquired Type II diabetes as a result of poor diet and obesity. Such patients can reverse the condition with a few lifestyle changes and losing weight.

Several studies point to the fact that controlling or reducing a person's weight when he or she has diabetes can actually reverse the condition. Though it is not universally true for all diabetic patients, reversing the effects of diabetes actually works on individuals who actually acquired the disease as a result of being overweight or obese.

Diabetics can control and manage their weight in a variety of ways, in our website we recommend methods that are healthy and holistic, an ayurvedic diet that increases metabolism and decreases insulin resistance coupled with specific yoga poses and workout.

Universally diabetes experts agree to one thing; that it is important to control the blood sugar level irrespective of the treatment methods. Controlling blood glucose level requires a better approach to the treatment. Only a multidisciplinary holistic approach to diabetes care can meet this goal. This will result in fewer complications; therefore we should adopt such a holist program for diabetes management. With perseverance and efforts a diabetic patient can live a long, healthy and a normal life.

Don’t be one of those ignorant patients, diagnose early have a home diabetic kit, consult a certified physician and compliment your regular medications along with safe and proven diabetic management techniques provided at

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