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Nasal Polyps - Overview and Treatment Options

Nasal Polyps is technically called as nasal polyposis?

This disease is caused due to the growth of a soft tissue in the nasal cavity and in the sinuses. This growth is often painless (initially) and they are noncancerous. Though there are no direct dangers this inflammatory disease can lead to other conditions like chronic allergy, asthma, nasal congestion and other autoimmune diseases. Though a lot people are taking about this disease only recently, this disease reported and well documented 4000 years before in Egypt and in India.

However the term polyp was coined by the great physician Hippocrates, as it resembled a polyp (a marine polyp, which has a flat base and tube shaped body). Hippocrates also describes the procedure to surgically remove this. It is also believed Sushruta (ancient Indian physician) was the first person to surgically remove a polyp. Till date ayurvedic medicine for nasal polyps is the most effective way to address this disease.

Who are frequently affected by Nasal Polyps

Conventional Treatments have Side effects
Literally anyone can get nasal polyps, however it is more diagnosed among men between 35-55 and those who are susceptible to frequent allergies. Another way of finding out people with maximum risk of getting this disease is those who have allergies and those who suffer from cystic fibrosis.

Causes of Nasal Polyps:

Several factors can lead to the development of nasal polyps. However inflammation is the root cause for this disease, inflammation leads to fluid accumulation in the cells, and due to the gravity the polyps gets the teardrop shape.

Nasal Polyps Diagnosis:

A clinical examination coupled with a study of the symptoms is the frequently used method of diagnosis. However the doctor may prefer specialized tests like CT scans, endoscopy or skin prick allergy tests.

Nasal Polyps Treatment Options:

There are no permanent cure for nasal polyps through conventional means. Even surgical removal of nasal polyps is not a permanent cure as the condition will recur. However the most commonly used treatment methods are Steroids (in the form of spray) and surgery.

Corticosteriods – this is often used in the form of spray but sometimes also used as drops or tablets. This will have clear effect on the polyps and it is not a permanent remedy, once you stop using the drops/spray the polyps will swell again. In addition to that there are several side effects. A recent study also shows that prolonged usage of corticosteroids to treat nasal polyps might lead to damages in the nasal passage. However you cannot avoid this if you are opting for a surgery, as this spray will be prescribed before going for a surgery to reduce the inflammation.

The surgery too is not 100% safe, in addition to being extremely expensive there are several side effects to this surgery as worst cases may result in damages to brain. Even after surgery one may develop polyps again. So the key in treating polyps it to address the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms. There are several highly effective alternative natural medicines which can shrink the nasal polyps permanently. Instead of suppressing the symptoms by opting for conventional treatment for nasal polyps, cure nasal polyps naturally.


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